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Welcome to GoGoMickey.com! Come learn more about the man & stay up-to-date on his music. GoGoMickey had this site built for you, the fans, to listen to his music, get show info, learn about current projects, & lessons. Thank you for visiting gogomickey.com. Check back often for updates!

Go-Go Mickey - It Gets No Rougher

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3.5.13 - Go-Go Mickey's 1st Show with Familiar Faces

3.5.13 - Go-Go Mickey - Short But Sweet

3.5.13 - Go-Go Mickey's Last Show with Rare Essence

7.27.09 - New Video Blog. Go-Go Mickey makes the congas talk plus some bonus footage.

7.26.09 - Lessons from the Legend

Want lessons from the Legend?

Due to popular demand, Go-Go Mickey is now offering private lessons. Opportunites such as this are rare, so we encourage you to sign up now.

6.16.09 - I Care, Do You?

I Care
I Care

Fan Comments

"Watching Go-Go Mickey carry on his family tradition is a wonderful thing. This young man is a great percussionist. I always love having him make a guest appearance at one of our live shows, and on my albums. He has some strong chops, I'll tell you. You can always tell the difference when Mickey is playing."
Chuck Brown
Godfather of Go-Go

"Mickey is a dynamite conga player who has created his own flow on all types of percussions. He has influenced a lot of upcoming conga players. You can always tell when Mickey is playing, he has great chops. He is one of a kind."
Lil’ Benny

"Mickey has taken the DC area by storm since the early 80’s. What most people can do with two hands on four congas he can do with one hand, he is just that fast. He can play guitar and drum beats on the congas…he can make the congas talk. You have to see it for yourself to believe it."
Sound Engineer

"As a promoter that has worked with Rare Essence and GoGo Mickey for  over 12 years, I would like to say that he has been an unbelievable  performer over the years.  His ability to keep the crowd happy with  his skills on the conga is impressive.  I would like to vote him in to  the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  I look forward to working with him  for another 12 years!"
White Boy Dre
Club Promoter, Eyebar Nightclub

"In the art of percussion excellence, Mickey is a man who picked up the baton as a kid, and hasn't stopped running since. He continues to run sprints, leap hurdles, and set standards as a professional musician. And if that wasn't enough, he's also a hell of a guy!"

"Big Up Mickey. Glad to see you posted video blogs on You Tube including performance with us at State T. Maximum Repsect, Patience Everlasting, God Bless."
Congo Ken, SOJA

"Truly amazing. After all these years, you are still crankin. Please help guide these youngsters and help mold their musical careers. Each one, teach one. You have been truly an iconic figure in the Washington, DC Go-Go scene. You have set your mark and enforced it all these years. You are truly a giant amongst percussionists. I'm a long time fan. Stay the course, blood!!"

"Hey Mick I must tell ya, how wonderful and magnificent its been to watch you over the years. And yes I know ya. We went to high school together both summer and regular school. And man I tell ya it s a wonderful thing to see that you have stayed true to your dream for all these years. I remember you were just as determined back then as you are now. Congratulations!"

"I believe one of the greatest gifts that one can give to there kids is a ninstrument. And let them sit at the feet of a master. In my humble but very accurate opinion ,this brotha is the best, all around. I mean on a national level, he takes percussion to a whole new aristocracy of excellence. Have you ever seen him kick dem drums, Lawd Lawd Lawd, and them roller toms. G.O.A.T."

"You are definantly the man on the skins, hands down. I got my notepad and I'm taking notes. LOL"

"Number 1 GoGo Conga Player Hands down. Some try to test but they not there. 80s, 90s, 2000s. You got some protege's out there but they still students bro."

"I remember Mickey back with Ayre Rayde, been holding it down every since. I can't think of one that is even worthy of speaking in the same sentence as this LEGEND! You have some good ones out there but this man has been standing alone for a long time. Seen the world with his talent!"

"Thanks Mick it's alot out here that needs to know what's good.I been behind you and Elmoe all my life. There should be more tutorials out here for these youngings cause they don't know nothing....Keep up the good work homie The best to EVER do it!!!!!!!! Untouchable by far!"

"I didn't even know it was possible to play the roto toms and the congos at the same time...Only Mickey could pull this off and make it sound good!"

"That was some real talk there. The man been doing it for a long time and the best to ever do it! Let your actions speak for you. 1st time I've seen someone play both instruments at same time was Mickey back in '86."

"Somebody start the mold for Mickey's hands!"

"This just further illustrates the fact this dude a true musician. I don't know who the white boys are but that cut is alright."

"Now see this is where Go Go should be right now. This joint with SOJA is slamming. International Groove."

"He's a conga player Hall of Famer...."

"Phenomenal!! Truly exquisite. Mickey is a musical icon on the DC Go-Go scene. Almost thirty plus years in the game, and hasn't lost a step. Mickey, you are to be commended!! I remember watching you with RE at the friendly annex, back in the day and when RE came to our homecoming at Potomac. Keep on doin whatcha doing!!"

"It seems so effortless, a pure musician."

"It's great that such a seasoned pro takes the time to post this stuff and give viewers an insider perspective. This is like school..."

"Mickey's versatility is amazing. I could listen to this all day..."

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